It’s all about the results, so let’s Get Real


Would you take someone else’s prescription drugs to cure your own specific ailments?

Would you want someone who doesn’t speak French to be running your French lessons?

Would you build your dream home with no foundations?

No, neither would we! That’s why, at Get Real Training we don’t just apply an off-the-shelf training solution:

  • We work with you to create one that is unique and right for you,

  • We learn to speak your language and we deliver your learning in a style that suits you and your culture.

  • We help you to pave the way for your training and ensure that the learning stands the test of time.

One size does not fit all, so rather than choose off-the-peg, go designer and Get Real!



Get your message across

Develop the skills and confidence you need to deliver presentations with impact.

Strategic narrative

Win the hearts and minds of your team with a clear and compelling strategic narrative.


Managing you and your team

Choose from a wide range of topics to create the perfect workshop.


Trainers for hire

If you need professional trainers to deliver your in-house material, we can help.


Myers-Briggs testing

Increase your chances of hiring people with right fit for your company.


Training & presentation design

Work with you to design effective and engaging sessions.

Anyone who is looking for new and fresh ideas for training course content should talk to Deborah. It will save you time and will add more depth to your content.
— Justine Douglas, CTS
The time Deborah spent to understand what makes us tick really paid dividends. The team completely trusts her, and we can’t wait to find an opportunity to work with her again.
— Penny Randall. Director - Ecological Building Systems
Deborah had clearly spent a great deal of time thinking about each of us and provided very insightful feedback that will help us embed the learning and make sure we use it every day.
— Julie Barton, HR Director, Forge Europa