Clear communication builds strong commercial awareness


“Deborah had clearly spent a great deal of time thinking about each of us and provided very insightful feedback that will help us embed the learning and make sure we use it every day. “

Julie Barton, HR Director, Forge Europa


Forge designs, develops and manufactures cutting-edge value-added LED solutions for a range of market sectors such as hospitality, retail and industrial applications. The company prides itself on its customer service ethos and clear communication with all its customers.

Julie Barton, Director of Forge, explains: “So much of our work is bespoke, and we need to respond to some very complex client briefs and technical specifications. This means that clear communication is vital to ensure we deliver exactly what our clients expect and to help us build strong relationships with customers, suppliers and business partners.”

Highly technical teams need communication skills for competitive edge

The company identified that, while their highly skilled team knew their technical work inside out, they had not received any specific communication or presentation skills training as part of their ongoing development.

“We have a commercial team who are technically very proficient, but sometimes need to do a presentation to large organisations in a more formal setting. While we’ve always done well in that environment, we felt that we could all hone our presentation skills some more to give us that ‘edge’ when pitching for new business,” said Julie. “We also wanted to extend the training to the management team too, so we were all in it together. Even those of us who are very competent can always refresh and learn something new.”

Forge became aware of the courses run by Deborah Clark of Get Real Leadership via Cumbria Chamber of Commerce. The company took the decision that they wanted something bespoke that focused on their exact needs.

A bespoke course designed to suit different roles and levels of experience

“Deborah designed an excellent course format based on our company needs, levels of experience and considered the different roles we have within the business. We were all given homework to do before the course, which was to prepare a presentation to deliver to each other towards the end of the day. During the workshop, we were taken through different aspects of presenting and communicating, and then we had the chance to tweak the final presentations to take our new learning into account.”

“Each of us presented to the rest of the group and then listened to feedback from the team and from Deborah. Her feedback was very insightful. She picked out all the positives that boosted our confidence and was very helpful with the things that needed more work. The team was very upbeat about the day, and they all said afterwards that they felt ‘listened to’.”

Insightful feedback from Deborah throughout the workshop and immediately afterwards

Immediately following the course, Deborah created detailed feedback notes on each participant to help them put the learning into practice and to highlight areas to watch out for.

Julie Barton explains: “We were all very impressed by the post-course follow up notes which came the next day. Deborah had clearly spent a great deal of time thinking about each of us and provided very insightful feedback that will help us embed the learning and make sure we use it every day. We’ve already noticed small things in each other at company meetings – the use of voice, or a change in the way we say things. It has definitely made an impact on how we communicate with each other and our customers. We’d love to work with Deborah again.”