Future Gold: Developing Cumbria's Talented Leaders


Cumbria’s future stability, progress and success will be driven by a generation of inspired and inspiring leaders. Future Gold will develop and forge local leadership talent whose roots and long-term futures lie within our county.


We did not buy gold, we created gold
— Claudio Ranieri

Accelerate the development of your talented leaders

Working in conjunction with Cumbria Chamber of Commerce, we are launching a new and innovative programme to accelerate the personal development of your talented leaders. Individuals are often promoted into leadership and management positions because they are good at the “day job”, or they are the best in their field.

Businesses then often see:

  • Missed deadlines
  • Unsuccessful contract bids
  • Reduction in market share
  • KPI’s not hit
  • Projected growth not accomplished
  • Negative growth
  • Continuous re-work rather than right first time
  • High staff turnover and unacceptable sickness absence levels
  • Customer dissatisfaction and complaints
85% of financial success is due to personality, ability to communicate, negotiate and lead. Shockingly, only 15% is due to technical knowledge.
— Carnegie Institute of Technology

Invest in Cumbrian Talent

This is an opportunity for Cumbrian businesses to build the impact of your management teams and invest in the talent identified in your succession plans.

  • Improving the impact, presence and effectiveness of your leadership team requires more than an understanding of good theory.
  • Leadership is about leading; it is a set of skills that need to be explained, demonstrated and practiced like any other skill.
  • We are passionate about making a difference to your business by enhancing the contribution of leadership at all levels.
  • Effective deployment of leadership skills requires individuals with confidence and self-awareness to inspire and challenge. 



Exciting, action-orientated and fun

In conjunction with Cumbria Chamber of Commerce we have designed a bespoke leadership programme to accelerate the development of our talented leaders – our future gold.

Exciting, action-orientated and fun, the Chamber Leadership Development Programme will comprise:

  • Part residential, part day workshop, part one-to-one coaching
  • Small group tutorials
  • Competitive group working
  • Action learning
  • Individual study
  • Experiential learning
  • Inspirational speakers
  • Individual and team profiling to support personal development
  • One to one coaching sessions at the delegates place of work

You will see immediate benefits from this programme

The course facilitators have a combined experience of over 50 years in successful leadership and training positions and are committed to delivering an engaging event that realises immediate benefits to your business.

All learning will be grounded in reality and all theory translated into real life actions and solutions, improving the potential of your leaders to:

  • Win contracts
  • Delight customers and improve your market share
  • Hit deadlines and KPI’s
  • Drive growth
  • Get it right first time
  • Engage a committed, effective and ambitious workforce

A key element of the programme will see your delegates delivering a work-based project to bring immediate benefit to your business.

The Future Gold Programme is paced to challenge participants and will equip them with a range of core leadership skills directly related to your business, your people and your results. 

Coaching and feedback on performance are essential elements and delegates will spend as much time on collective and individual de-briefs as they do in practical action learning scenarios.

Be a part of Cumbria’s drive for business success and prosperity

Be a part of Future Gold.

Programme Objectives

By the end of the Programme delegates will

  • Be more effective communicators – their messages will be understood and acted upon, teams briefed with impact and a sense of urgency
  • Delegate with confidence
  • Enjoy improved problem solving skills – identify the problem, collect and analyse data, develop appropriate solutions
  • Build more effective relationships – build trust, have respect, listen, and do something for others
  • Improve their skills for managing both poor and high performing team members – hold challenging conversations, deliver effective feedback, and recognise achievements
  • Have improved influencing skills – recognise the needs of others, develop compelling arguments and deliver them appropriately
  • Gain basic project management skills – activities, milestones, sequencing, dependencies and governance
  • Understand the importance and application of professional curiosity
  • Practice and refine their presentation skills – preparation, key messages, signposting, slide design, and timing
  • Understand the need and techniques for team development – team role preferences, recruitment and selection, coaching, feedback, managing the development of others
  • Improve their adaptability, flexibility and comfort with ambiguity
  • Each delegate will complete a small business improvement project delivering immediate benefit to their parent business

Delegates will form relationships with other talented managers that will create the nucleus of a next generation business talent network across Cumbria.

They will also showcase their learning in an event that will link their course achievements with the benefits for their own businesses and involve participation of delegates and senior managers from their parent organisations.

Finally, we intend to stimulate their appetite for learning and personal development and create a springboard for further academic study.

Programme Benefits

80% problems are people related.  Good leaders reduce people-related problems.

Businesses are organised in layers and departments.  The individuals who link activities between layers and departments and drive performance within those layers are the leaders.

Business performance has a direct correlation with the effectiveness of its leaders.

Ineffective leadership is a major cause of waste and re-work through unnecessary activity and poor maintenance of quality standards.  Effective leadership reduces waste and re-work.

High performing businesses are focussed and contain highly motivated teams, these critical success factors are the product of high performing leaders.

After unfair reward and compensation packages, the next most common reason that talented individuals leave organisations is weak or inconsistent leadership.  Talent retention and attraction are essential for sustainable business growth.

Cumbria Chamber of Commerce’s Future Gold Programme helps your business harness these benefits not just now and in the medium-term but for the long-term. Be a part of Cumbria’s drive for business success and prosperity – be a part of Future Gold.

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