Deborah clark of get real training

Deborah clark of get real training

I genuinely believe that to be a trainer is a privilege…

To be able to positively impact individuals and businesses is a buzz to me.  I don’t see every client and every delegate as just another job, another box ticked. That means that I work my socks off to ensure that the training that they are attending is right for them and that I deliver it in a way that brings it to life.

Delivering results begins with relationships

What interests me is delivering results and that begins with building relationships. Getting to know an organisation and its needs is crucial so that training can be designed that really hits home and gets real results.

A relaxed, open and interactive style

Then, on the day, it’s about engaging with each and every delegate and showing them that I genuinely care about the benefits to them. My style is relaxed, open and interactive because I know that the quicker the delegates trust me, and the more involved they are, the more they will learn.

Get Real allows your team to grow and develop

If all you are looking for from training is something that will tick a box, then I am not the provider for you. If you want to Get Real results that allow your team and your business to grow and develop, then we should work together.


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